Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What 'The Good Bad and Ugly' taught me

Firstly, my sincere and deep apologies to Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone and Hollywood for not having watched this movie. It was just yesternight that I realised what a bummer I have been for not having watched this movie all along.

The first cheek-blushing thing this movie taught me was that I do not know about every great movie ever made and that my husband definitely knows more than me. And I am not going to brag about my knowledge in this regard ever because at least in front of him he has a list, a long one. Ouch!

When it comes to movies I do not follow The New York Times guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made, I just go with any random aspect that interests me, mostly it is the name then the star cast and then the music. So from now on I would trust The New York Times guide  because they definitely know more than me.

Secondly, Clint Mansell, Hanz Zimmer, Nino Rota and John Williams have to make way for Ennio Morricone. This Italian knows his job and he does it well. He is ace!

Mr. Morricone thank you for making me realise that there is music everywhere just like god it is omnipresent. Gunfire, whistling, and yodeling, throughout the movie teach me about this. So much I learnt about music. For the music Morricone seized upon real-life sounds and loaded them with ominous meaning, like the coyote-howl motif and the deafening tick of the pocket-watches counting down the climactic shoot-out. Goosebumps!

The best part about this contemporary classic is  the way the three main characters are introduced, this two note coyote yell is used for the three main characters, with a different instrument used for each one: flute for Blondie (Man With No Name)(Clint Eastwood), arghilofono for Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) and human voices for Tuco (Eli Wallach).

For those who have an eye and ear in understanding music's role in plot development or character introduction, this movie's soundtrack is blinding.

Thanks to this movie I realised about the endless possibility of human voice.

Thirdly, if it's climax it should be nothing less than an orgasm. The film's famous climax, a three-way Mexican standoff had me all psyched! This epic showdown would always be etched in my mind.

Another thing that I realised was men with guns are men, the real deal and not those with gadgets and i-pads. No man can change this. I am no longer sighing over the emotional male protagonists. I'd rather go ga-ga over Tuco than Mr. Darcy (Naaa, I love him too.)

And last but not the least if looks could kill then I would not have had been blogging about this movie. Clint Eastwood, I am sorry for underestimating your dull looks in 'The bridges of Madison County'. Sorry!! And now I know what my husband meant when he said that if he would have been gay he would have married him then.

It is a brilliant Spaghetti Western! Do watch! Breathtaking!

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