Sunday, April 7, 2013

The hallucinogenic flat in the opposite building

For once we thought it was a laptop screen but the heads watching over the screen did not move. For probably thirty minutes they just did not move. We got more curious. Curiosity did kill many people but maybe caution wasn't there friend. We were assured of such honest to god friendship from it’s end. However we are not gloating on that. My husband gave up on stressing at what exactly was happening in that flat opposite to mine. I did not give up cause I knew there was something about that flat that was more intriguing. And I loved how they have this green Marijuana wallpaper in their balcony.

Before I would start, I would like to apologize to the three young men who own that flat and assure them that nothing unwanted has been looked into while I looked into your flat every now and then and I have no intentions of stalking anyone. And now to the readers I would excuse myself from being called as a crooked neighbor who loves to have her gander, on the sly watching inside rooms.

But, yes, I must say I am intrigued to an extent that I want to literally enter that unknown flat facing my flat in the building next to mine. Everything about the flat is so wondrously psychedelic.

For evenings as for tube lights they have this purple haze sort of light all across the room. They take their positions in front of that very lap top and the same statue like concentration on the screen and for that very same amount of time. They look at the screen and sometimes over these shiny green beer cans maybe Heineken or over smoke. From a distance it looks hallucinatory. Wish I could just click them.  Have never been able to see any of the guys’ face.

Strangest thing is I have never seen them in the morning only that very time around eight. Sometimes there is no one around only smoke fog from the table or sometimes it is just that huge flat screen next to the door.

I wonder are these guys a different breed altogether or just the regular guys, maybe they are different. As I look at them I do wonder what they think of are they just like the 100 others around them or do they view life in that very purple light?

The look of the room does suggest that there take on life is way different from the common guys. They love to read even if it is over the internet.

Stranger still are the bed-sheets that the maid hangs out every morning. The sheets have this alien spaceships on them and one has these big leaves on it. Everything is so godamn different from the usual. Phew! That whole flat reeks of psychedelia.

The other day I saw their maid dry their clothes every thing hanging on that string was so out of the ordinary. The towel, their boxers, and a few other stuff everything was sap green in color just like the Marijuana color. I wondered it would be so great to meet such people. Meet them over those dense conversations, stare at the very screen motionless just like them.

I wonder about their maid for an instant and think that does she know how different her this set of masters are? Does it even cross her mind?

Maybe they just dig Floyd, Deep Purple,  Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Jimmi Hendrix, Jethro Tull and maybe they love to read absurd books.

Whatever they do, they are definitely a bunch of psychotropic people one can only meet in their dreams.

March 8, 2013 ( A day after I wrote the above post)

It was 5:30 pm yesterday. I came out of my Kitchen to our balcony and guess what! I see one of them having tea or whatever in a cup. He has a cup green in color exactly similar to my cup. He did look at me. Sigh! He looked so perfectly normal just like any other guy. Anyway one of the psychedel has revealed himself. :)

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