Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lately I have come across a lot of magazines and sites which have venerated a lot of politicians as the next “OBAMA FOR INDIA”. Discussion forums aren’t spared too from this topic. Well some say its going to be Rahul Gandhi some say it will be LK Advani some say Narendra Modi and the list continues not forgetting our Mayawati, the list continues.

I personally have no interest in having an Obama for India.I would rather go for a leader, who can unite, integrate this country at first, rather than one with answers to “bail out” the economy.

The “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”, standard that’s chanted behind our minds on big days like the Independence Day, or Republic Day, gets dissolved when there’s a riot or some other politically instigated upshot. So India needs a man who can mend the buried nostalgias of the country.

What I see for the country’s future, with Advani as the Prime Minsiter, is a strong action against terrorism, but I seriously doubt about the communal harmony within the country, secondly a man being one of the accused of the Hawala case as well as the Babri Masjid issue along with his once strong links with RSS would make him an unsafe bet. He has also been accused of being absconder in Jinnah murder conspiracy case. He has not managed to repair his relationship with the RSS following his Jinnah remarks. The chief of the RSS, K.S. Sudarshan made it clear that he wants Vajpayee and Advani to step aside for younger leaders.

Talking about Narendra Modi, in July 2007 he became the longest serving Chief Minister in Gujarat's history when he had been in power for 2063 days continuously. Modi took charge of Gujarat when its economy was shrinking, with massive economic losses he re-organized the government's administrative structure and as a result of his elaborate efforts Gujarat registered a GDP growth rate of over 10% during his first tenure. This was the highest growth rate among all the Indian states, continuing this extra-ordinary run, over the last year GDP growth rate was registered at 11.5%.But in Feb 2002 ,violence broke out in Gujarat, claiming more than 1000 lives ,the root cause of the violence being the Godhra train burning . The National Human Rights Commission criticized the government, pointing to "a comprehensive failure on the part of the State Government of Gujarat to control persistent violations of rights". An October 2007 report by the investigative newsmagazine Tehelka quoted several Sangh Parivar activists claiming that Modi was personally aware of the planning for the riots. Narendra Modi frequently says that if the BJP wins the next General Election in India, they will honor the 2004 Supreme Court judgement to hang Afzal Guru Afzal was convicted of terrorism in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack in 2004 by the Supreme Court of India and is in Tihar Jail. Modi would also work on Advani lines tracing events of the past and their say in it. He would do well for the economy, judging Gujrat’s GDP growth.

Coming to Obama, this Democratic candidate would have anytime been a welcome change after the Bush Administration .Obama spoke about changing the U.S. government's economic and social priorities. He questioned the Bush administration's management of the Iraq War and highlighted America's obligations to its soldiers. Drawing examples from U.S. history, he criticized heavily partisan views of the electorate and asked Americans to find unity in diversity, saying, "There is not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America.". This is the ideology which our leader should have. Uniting this country should be the first priority of our leader. Reading a lot of articles about Obama, I realized he was not only country centric, he also led out campaigns for countries, where help was needed, for instance the “save Darfur” campaign, against genocide, he also carried out an anti-Iraq war rally. One can read his psyche as being a well educated radical who would benefit the nation and also work on Tran’s border peace. To be honest India doesn’t have such a breed in flesh, looking at the current line of politicians.

This is country is fighting within in its own borders, so much in house terrorism is taking place every now and then, at such a stage we need someone who can get us all out of this functional anarchy because at one point of time we do feel lost and like strangers within the borders. Keeping what I said in mind we also need someone he speaks for the masses, voices our opinion. Saying this means asking for a lot, knowing the post independence scenario of the country where many states want their own separate countries, so uniting that country would be a big task, but someone should start. What I want is more people should get into politics and know more and more about the state of affairs, rather than sitting back home and complaining about current government, “why not just be a part of it”. To make an economy like America, one should at least have an Abraham Lincoln. He successfully led the country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and ending slavery. So we cannot just blindly dream to have any prime minister like some other country’s great leader, we have to have someone who has a thorough knowledge of the country ,who is young and educated. We need someone with a clean history.

An Indian, who can come up with the Indian version of “CHANGE WE BELIEVE IN”, a solution , to our current conundrum.

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